When do you get a Hold Card? 
The hold card is part of our Wild Six program, when you receive 18 punches on your wild six cards you will be rewarded with one Hold Card in addition to the other rewards associated with 18 punches.

What does a Hold Card do?

A Hold Card allows you to be placed in a lottery for the right to purchase a beer. The Hold Card has a location on the back of the card in order to write in your contact information as well as the name of a bottle you would like us to hold for you when it comes into the store. This can be a limited release bottle, a “one off” release, or any bottle you so wish to have us hold for you. When the bottle you requested comes into the store, before they are offered to the general public we will put the requested bottle aside for you and contact you to let you know it is in.

What are the rules of the Hold Card?

First a Hold Card does not guarantee you will receive the beer you requested, though it does greatly increase your chance of receiving that bottle. Basically if we receive more Hold Cards for a release than the amount of bottles received by Julio’s your Hold Card will place you into a lottery to have the bottle held for you. If you do not win the lottery you will be issued a new Hold Card that you can re-submit. You may submit multiple hold cards for the same release, though Julio’s does reserve the right to limit the quantities offered to individuals.

Hold cards are also non-transferable, once you submit the hold card for a certain release that is the bottle we will hold for you. You may not change your requested hold for another release.

Hold Cards also do not expire, though when the bottle you request arrives at the store we will only hold the bottle for a 2-week period. After that period the bottle will be offered to the general public.

We are excited to be able to offer this to our customers as, I’m sure some of you have noticed, limited release beers are starting to become increasingly popular. Hopefully this program will help allow our customers to end up with those tasty brews in their hands more frequently.


-The Julio’s Beer Shop Staff