Wine Department

If you happen to visit us on location, one thing you will immediately notice is our extensive selection of wines from all over the globe. You will see many of your old favorites at highly competitive prices alongside carefully selected, exciting wines of complexity and individuality at a wide range of prices. Our staff boasts decades of experience from many facets of the food & beverage and wine industries bringing to the table a level of knowledge and customer service unmatched in the metro-west region. We have a gentle non-snob approach for our beginners and a confident, informative one for the seasoned wine collectors who are looking for either a special occasion bottle, or one just for kicking back at home. Whether you are in need of a single bottle or stocking that brand new wine cellar, combine your tastes with our experience and together we will help you locate wines just for youIn addition to a relaxing and comfortable shopping experience, our online features and exclusives at www.the-angelshare.comhave helped us maintain our loyal following we’ve come to be known for. Through this website you will be linked up to all limited availability offers, winemaker visits, informative tastings, wine dinners and more.In store, you are also able to stop by our “Angel Share” Wine Tasting Room where 40 wines are on tap at all times. Free of charge, it gives you the ability to ‘Try Before You Buy.’Every Thursday from 7-8pm Abe, our Wine Director, anchors our weekly informative in-store wine tastings. These are free to anyone and serve to spotlight new arrivals, highlight regions, or host winemakers. Stop by to pick up a few new nuggets of knowledge or just meet and mingle.Nearly every Saturday between 2 and 5pm we host free wine tastings throughout the store to keep your palates challenged and up to date with both the new guys on the block and our battle seasoned veteran wines. Our inventory is always changing and you don’t want to be left out of the next great wine or vintage.Julio’s Wine Team, we’ve got you covered!
Wine Department, Julio's Liquors, Westborough, MA