Warm Weather Vodka Cocktails for Summertime

Fri, Dec 02, 22

Summertime-Vodka-Cocktails-SummerBreezeIt’s that time of year in which you want to spend your weekends in the sun with a cold and refreshing cocktail in your hands.

Vodka can be found around the world and is in popular drinks such as martinis, Bloody Marys, and cosmopolitans. Vodka can be found in drinks year round, but here are some awesome vodka cocktails that you can make this summer.

Vodka-Thyme Lemonade

Vodka-Thyme LemonadeMixing lemonade and vodka together in a cocktail really screams, “summer.” You will love this cocktail because it is easy to make. This recipe from Martha Stewart only requires vodka, sugar, lemonade, and thyme. If you are looking for a different kind of vodka cocktail that you can make at home, this is a must-try. (Note: The following recipe makes 8 servings.)


2 cups sugar

12 sprigs fresh thyme, plus more for garnish

4 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice

(about 24 lemons)

2 cups vodka

2 cups water


1. In a small saucepan, combine two cups water with the sugar and thyme; bring to a boil over high heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat, let cool to room temperature.

2. Pour mixture through a fine sieve into a large glass measuring cup; discard thyme. You should have 2 cups of syrup. Cover with plastic, chill.

3. In a large serving pitcher, stir together lemon juice, vodka, and chilled syrup, garnish with thyme. Divide evenly among 8 tumblers filled with ice, serve immediately.

Island Oasis

The name of this vodka cocktail says it all. Just picture relaxing and sipping this cocktail; if you close your eyes you might be able to convince yourself that you are actually on a tropical beach. This cocktail from Cosmopolitan is as easy to make as it is fresh and delicious. If you are craving a fruity cocktail, this one is definitely for you.


1½ ounce Voli Light Mango Coconut Vodka

6 blueberries

2 strawberries

1 ounce light sweet and sour mix

1 ounce light orange juice

extra strawberries and blueberries for garnish


1. Muddle the berries in a glass.

2. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Garnish with blueberries and strawberries.

Sea Breeze Cocktail

This cocktail is great for summer because it has all the fruity and sweet elements that you desire. Just like the previous recipe, this recipe from AllRecipes, is easy and quick to make. Combine all the ingredients together, add ice and a lime wedge for garnish, and that’s it! It’s ready to be enjoyed by yourself, family and friends. (That is if you decide to share this delicious creation.) The original recipe only makes one delicious cocktail.


1½ fluid ounces vodka

4 fluid ounces cranberry juice

1 fluid ounce grapefruit juice

1½ cups ice cubes

1 lime wedge


1. Combine vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice in a highball glass and stir to combine. Add ice.

2. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Hibiscus Fresca

This recipe from Smirnoff is guaranteed to fulfill any desires that you have when it comes to vodka cocktails. Although it is not as simple as the other recipes, it is nowhere near hard. And if you have a few minutes to spare when making a cocktail it is highly recommended that you try this one. You won’t be able to get enough!


1.25 ounces of SMIRNOFF NO.21

0.25 ounce Grand Marnier

2 ounces hibiscus tea

0.5 ounce honey syrup (equal parts honey and water)

0.25 ounce lime

5 whole raspberries


1. Combine all ingredients in an ice filled shaker.

2. Shake well and strain into an ice filled glass. Garnish with raspberries and/or hibiscus flowers.


All of these vodka creations will satisfy your summertime needs. Not only are they delicious but they are all easy to make. If you decide that one of these cocktails is the perfect cocktail for you, don’t forget to come by Julio’s Liquors to get your supplies! Our spirits department carries many hard-to-find items, such as top of the line vodkas. Our vodkas will make your cocktail taste even better. We can’t wait to see you soon!