Which is Better, Beer in Cans or Bottles?

Fri, Dec 02, 22

Cans or BottlesAs Plato may or may not have once said, “He was a wise man who invented beer.”

What Plato did not specify is how one should drink it. Thus, one of life’s hardest choices was created. Which is better, beer in cans or bottles? Either way it is a beer, but many people have very strong opinions for one or the other. We are going to look into the pros and cons of each option: beer in cans or bottles.

Beer Can

First, we will explore the reasoning behind those who support ‘can’ in the great debate between drinking beer cans or bottles. Cans are often chosen due to their portability and durability. Cans are a lot easier to open and they do not break as easily as a bottle, meaning it is easier to drink beer anywhere. Plus, cans are actually better environmentally. The aluminum is easier to recycle as it can be concentrated. Beer cans also weigh less, meaning less gas is used in the transportation of beer cans than with bottles. Many people who choose beer cans also believe that beer from a can tastes better. The reasoning is that cans don’t allow any light in, therefore, they cannot be as easily skunked.

Don’t take your stance just yet! The debate regarding choosing beer in cans or bottles has another side.

Beer Bottle

Supporters of the latter choice between beer in cans or bottles would argue that beer actually tastes better in a bottle. Their opinion is that the flavor of the beer can be altered by the aluminum smell one inhales when taking a sip out of a can. Although one could fix this by pouring the can into a glass, the benefit of the accessibility of cans would be diminished. Why carry around a can and a glass? The last argument for bottles is that they are part of a beer status symbol. More craft beers are sold in bottles, which gives the bottle the distinction of containing a better type of beer.

The reputation of the bottle has been heightened by the beers the bottle typically contains. However, many microbreweries are adapting the idea of selling good beers in cans. Examples of these are Dale’s Pale Ale made by Oskar Blues Brewery, and Harpoon IPA.

The argument between drinking beer in cans or bottles will not be solved today. (Tomorrow doesn’t look promising either.) At Julio’s Liquors in Westborough, MA, we are under the impression that the important thing is that you enjoy the beer that you drink! So whichever side you support, come on in and the experts at  Julio’s Beer Shop will help you choose the best beer for you! We don’t judge based on your choice between beer in cans or bottles. We promise!

Do you choose beer in cans or bottles? What is your reasoning?