The Story of Spencer Trappist Ale

Julio's Liquors, Westborough, MASpencer Trappist Ale is America’s first Trappist brewery, located in Spencer, Massachusetts. The brewery is maintained and operated by the monks at Saint Joseph’s Abbey. [Read more…]

Italy’s Veneto Wine Region

Our newest wine tasting series, “Liquid History” started up in January when we explored wines from Northern Italy’s Piemonte Region. In February we will be focusing yet again on another great Italian wine region- the Veneto.
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The History of Vodka

Pouring vodka shots at a barYou may not have ever considered it, but what has become known as “The Water of Life” has quite the rich history. First documented in Russia near the end of the 9th century, people have been enjoying vodka for hundreds of years. In that time, the creation of many different variations and cocktails have continued to add to the enjoyment of experiencing this historic spirit. [Read more…]

The Marietta Cellars Wine Family

Marietta Cellars - Julio's Liquors - Westborough, MAFor more than 30 years Marietta Cellars has been making bold, flavorful red wines featuring delicious local fruit. Over the past decades Marietta wines have been established as some of the best in the Sonoma area. They are known for their creative blends of different grape varietals and for simultaneously using multiple grape vintages. Though California wines are sometimes overhyped, Marietta Cellars is not one of those.

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The Story of the Famous Smuttynose IPA

Smuttynose - Julio's Liquors - Westborough, MA One of our beloved ale providers is Smuttynose. The company was founded in 1994 in New Hampshire, and has since then become one of the region’s finest brands. They have distributed beer in more than half the United States and in locations found it Europe and Asia. Smuttynose IPA’s are a light bodied and beautiful golden colored beer which has purposed to remain true to its local roots. It has also remained true to its mission to provide hop lovers with an experience that many other brands cannot offer.

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Next Stop: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Grab your passport! We’re checking out the Kentucky Bourbon Trail! [Read more…]

How To Store Beer At Home

Store Beer At Home - Julio's Liquors - Westborough, MAThere’s nothing as much fun as starting your own beer cellar. Like wines, some beers require particular storage and actually improve as they are stored for an extended period of time. [Read more…]

Portfolio Wine Tasting Preview

Ooh are we excited! On Friday, December 5 Julio’s Liquors will be having a Portfolio Wine Tasting event. So many great wineries will be bringing their best to Julio’s for your pleasure. This event will include wine from 90+, Humoldt, Charles River Wine Company, Ideal Wine & Spirits, and many more. So, without further ado, let’s learn about some of the great people that will bring their wines to Julio’s on December 5!

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The History Behind Repeal Day

At the end of 1933, thirteen years of the government’s ban on liquor were finally over. What started as an attempt to make America a more “moral” country had failed. December 5, 1933 marks the day in which Prohibition was finally repealed.
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Best Bourbons Under 50 Dollars: Part II

Earlier this month, Julio’s Liquors owner, Ryan Maloney had his article “Five Under $50, The New Bargain Bourbon” published in Foodies of New England. Since the article was published, we have been focusing in even closer on the great bourbons that Ryan discussed. Today, we will talk about the final two bourbons discussed in the article: Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon 90 Proof and Johnny Drum Private Stock 101 Proof. [Read more…]