Make Your Own Habanero Hot Sauce

If you’re a lover of spicy food you’ve probably tried Habanero Hot Sauce. Habanero is an incredibly spicy sauce, as seen here on the Scoville Chile Heat Chart.

Habanero Hot Sauce is made out habanero peppers (shocking). Habaneros originate from the Amazonas region, and the first domesticated habanero was found during a Peruvian archaeological dig. After their discovery, habaneros quickly began spreading throughout Mexico.

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Engraving for Beautiful Wine Bottle Design

Hand engraved writing is one of the oldest forms of communication. Long before fancy photography and high definition printers came on the scene, people were etching, cutting, and chiseling away on rocks, cave walls, and pieces of wood. Now, glass etching and engraving is one of the most beautiful and timeless ways to communicate. Some engravings are amazing pictures and designs while others are words written with classic style.

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Summer Sangria Recipes

Have you ever wondered just how many variations of sangria there are? Let this blog be your guide.  [Read more…]

Guide to Summer Cocktail Recipes

Learning how to make your own bar-quality cocktails at home is easier than you think. [Read more…]

Summer Shandy Recipe

A shandy is beer mixed with a non-alcoholic drink, usually lemonade. The low alcohol content makes it easy to drink on a hot day because you won’t get dehydrated. When it’s finally warm out, this is a great drink to mix up!  [Read more…]

What Is A Supertaster?

If you’re a supertaster that means you have an ability to taste far greater than average. Everything tastes intense, which means you may be a picky eater or prefer bland foods. Supertasters are physically different than the average person. If you have more than 30 taste buds in the space of a standard hole punch (0.31 inches in diameter) on your tongue, then you qualify. [Read more…]

The Perfect Buffalo Wing Recipe

There is simply nothing that will replace hot wings on the menu. Wings are to the party what footballs are to the Super Bowl. [Read more…]

3 Sunny Spring Cocktails

Next week is the first full week of spring! What better way to celebrate than with a cocktail in hand?

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The Craft Beer Revolution

It’s the battle of the brews, craft beer vs. the big brand beer. Craft beer has been the underdog for many years but has resurged in the last 30 years, and is making a comeback in a big way.

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What Is A Speakeasy?

A world without booze? What? Yes, it happened. Prohibition in the United States occurred between 1920 and 1933. During this time, the sale, production, transportation, and importation of alcoholic beverages became illegal. What began as a way to bring drinking culture and crime rates down, actually caused gang activity and crime to skyrocket. As a result, establishments that illegally sold alcohol, called speakeasies, began popping up around the states.

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