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Welcome to the wonderful world of Julio's Liquors!

At Julio’s Liquors we offer 20,000 sq. ft. of spectacular shopping in downtown Westborough, MA. With a wide variety of fine wines, spirits, beer, and tobacco, we also have many other unique items that set us apart from the average liquor store.

Our wine department carries over 3000 labels from 16 different countries. Our Beer department contains one of the largest selections of microbrews, domestics, imports, Belgians and Trappist beers, totaling over 1000 beers in stock! Our Spirits department carries many hard-to-find items from single malt scotches to high-end vodkas and gins. We also house the Vigilant Smoke Shop, a state-of-the-art, full-service smoke shop with a knowledgeable, well trained friendly staff to cater to all of your tobacco needs.

In addition to having one of the largest selections of product, we offer our customers a unique shopping experience with our Angel Share Tasting Room, Jim Beam Cold Storage Warehouse, and Vigilant Smoke Shop. Our Angel Share Tasting Room has 40 wines on tap all the time. The tasting room is completely free of charge, and allows our customers to try before they buy. The Jim Beam Cold Storage Warehouse is a vintage spirits tasting room fashioned after a 1920’s and 1930’s speakeasy or roadhouse. Every Wednesday [“Whiskey Wednesday”] we offer free whisky tasting to the public. By utilizing our whisky-centric blog site www.lochandkey.com as well, you can follow up with friends after the tastings!