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L&K Challenge Chip FAQ

What is The L&K Challenge Chip?
The Challenge Chip is a limited edition physical chip that gets you access to exclusive offers and events.

How can I get a Challenge Chip?
Purchase any offer that includes an L&K Challenge Chip.  You'll be getting a great deal on Julio's products AND a Challenge Chip, at no additional charge.  That's right - we don't charge anything for the Challenge Chip itself.

How do I use my Challenge Chip?
Present your Challenge Chip when you pick up a Challenge Chip offer product or attend an exclusive event.  Unlike a Hold Card, Challenge Chips are never surrendered.


How many Challenge Chips do I need?
You only need ONE chip, because you will never be required to surrender that chip.  If you purchase an offer that includes another Challenge Chip, you might consider giving it to a friend.

I lost my Challenge Chip.  Can I get a replacement?
Sorry, no.  We made a limited number of Challenge Chips and when they're gone, they're gone.  No replacements.  You may purchase future offers that include Challenge Chips but, due to the limited number of Chips that exist, the safest thing is to carefully guard your Chip.

Can I share Challenge Chip email offers with my non-chip-holding friends?
Please don't.  When Challenge Chip offers are purchased by non-chip-holders, it causes delays as we must cancel those orders to make the product available for chip holders.