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Healthier Drinking: Finding a Simple Syrup Substitute

Fri, Dec 02, 22

Healthier DrinkingWhether you are concerned about the caloric content of your drinks, or want to avoid the negative nutritional effects of consuming refined sugar, we have found some sweet simple syrup substitutes that will still take the edge off your favorite cocktails.


Organic Agave Nectar

Especially well paired with tequila (which is made from the agave plant), agave nectar tastes similar to honey, and has a much lower glycemic index and more sweetness than regular refined sugar. It is a good alternative for vegans who are concerned with consuming honey, as it derives from a plant. You can purchase agave nectar in the light, amber, and dark varieties. The darker the nectar, the more of a caramel flavor it contains.


If you aren’t opposed to eating honey, then this sweetener may be a more convenient alternative, as you probably already have honey in your kitchen. A number of drinks call for honey, but it could be used as a simple syrup substitute as well. Honey has fewer calories than refined sugar, and contains a small amount of vitamins. The best part about honey? It’s the only food in existence that doesn’t go bad. Mix ½ tablespoon with ¾ tablespoon boiling water, and stir until dissolved as a replacement for simple syrup.

Maple Syrup

While not recommended for all drinks, maple syrup can be a great alternative when you are making a whiskey drink. Maple syrup would be a good alternative for the sugar cubes in an Old Fashioned for example, as whiskey pairs well with maple. You can make maple syrup into a maple simple syrup by combining it with one part water until it has completely combined.


If your recipe calls for peach schnapps or a strawberry syrup, try using the real fruit instead of the sugar drink mixer. Muddling is a great way to ensure that you get a good amount of flavor out of the fruit. Since fruit already contains sugar, it will help make the drink sweeter along with provide you with the important nutrients found in fruits.

If you are interested in learning more about low-calorie cocktails, view our suggestions here.

Now that you know how to create cocktails with better simple syrup alternatives, you are on your way to healthier drinking. If you would like more assistance with finding the best low-calorie ingredients for your cocktails, or are looking to buy some of the above ingredients, we at Julio’s Liquors are here to help. We have a wide selection of spirits as well as mixers perfect for stocking your home bar. Visit us in Westborough, MA today!

What are some of the reasons that you are seeking out a simple syrup substitute? Please share your answers in the comment section below.