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How to Host a Cocktail Party on a Budget

Fri, Dec 02, 22

Host a Cocktail Party on a budgetHosting a cocktail party can be a great excuse to get together with your friends.

Unfortunately, it is easy to become caught up in purchasing cute party favors and decorations, fancy hors d’oeuvres and drink mixers, until suddenly your cocktail party is costing you an arm and a leg.

However, a cocktail party does not need to be an expensive endeavor.

For example, consider a rotating cocktail party schedule between you and your friends. If you feel like you are getting stuck with always playing the host and always shelling out the cash for cocktail party drinks and snacks, encourage your friends to start a rotating cocktail party schedule. Each person takes a turn hosting a cocktail party at their house. That way, the share of costs and cleaning evens out in the end. Or, turn your cocktail party into a potluck.

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Great Cocktail Party Ideas on a Budget

Even if money is tight, it’s still possible to host a fabulous cocktail party at your home. A few simple tips for scheduling the time and minimizing how much alcohol you purchase will allow you to entertain in style on a budget.

Go green and be economical by using online invitations. With so many creative options on Evite, you really don’t need to pay for paper invitations. It’s easy to track your guest responses, so you’ll know the number of attendees and avoid overbuying food and beverages.

Schedule the party at a time before or after dinner. Host happy hour cocktails at 5 PM on a Saturday or Sunday night, or invite guests over starting around 7 or 8 PM during the week. Partygoers will expect snacks versus a meal and won’t arrive overly hungry. You can serve light appetizers such as crackers, cheese, sliced vegetables and dip and maybe one dessert item.

One fun idea is to ask each guest to bring his or her own favorite chaser to share. All you will need to buy is vodka, rum and perhaps tequila. Welcome guests to bartender and show one another new and fun cocktails with the sodas and mixers they bring with them.

Another way to cut back on costs is to serve a signature drink at the party instead of providing a full bar. Find an easy recipe from the Food Network for a tasty cocktail.  Offer guests the choice of trying the party drink or enjoying a beer. No other libations are needed. If you prefer wine over liquor, then skip the beer and mixed drinks. Many discount liquor and spirits stores offer great deals, and savings are often bigger if you buy a case. With a case of good wine, guests won’t miss other drinks.

You will be able to toast to a stress free cocktail party with these budget friendly ideas!

You don’t need to break the budget to host a successful cocktail party. With these simple tips, you will no longer have to worry about spending too much on your guests. If your friends prefer top-shelf liquor, ask that everyone bring their own alcohol. The point of your cocktail party is to bring people together for an enjoyable night; it is not necessary that everyone drink the same beverage.

Do you keep seeing a recipe on Pinterest that you can’t wait to try, but the ingredients are tooo expensive for your budget? Find out the sale schedule for products in your local grocery store and stock up long before the day of the cocktail party.

Many sturdy drink glasses and other accessories can be found at a dollar store. No one needs to know the low cost of your extravagant cocktail party.

The more liquor that you purchase, the less it costs per ounce. Consider purchasing bigger bottles of spirits or cases of wine and saving them for a future cocktail party.

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