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Leftover Wine Cork Projects

Fri, Dec 02, 22  |  wine

Wine Cork ProjectsIt seems that nowadays wine drinkers and arts and craft lovers are paired as perfectly as fine wine and gourmet cheese.

This is partially due to the popularity of Pinterest, because now crafters have the ability to share their brilliant ideas with the rest of world. Wine cork craft ideas are one of the most common types of viral pins. Those who drink wine are known for saving the wine cork after opening, and who wouldn’t, with so many neat wine corks varieties available today?

Even if you are not one of the many who collect their wine corks, wine cork crafts are a great activity for both the young and old. Chances are it won’t take long to accrue a hefty supply of wine corks, making this wine cork crafts an economical option for the artistically-inclined.

The following article from Green Upgrader offers ten different wine cork projects that will help get your creative juices flowing. Most of the wine cork ideas can be easily constructed with common household items.

10 Awesome Wine Cork Craft Projects

If you know me, you know I like a glass of red wine on a chilly winter evening. After quite a few chilly winter evenings, though, what I have is a big bowl full of wine corks. Don’t judge. Let’s get crafty instead!

There are companies that will take your corks back to recycle them, and if you’re not feeling crafty that’s a great way to make sure your wine corks don’t end up in the landfill, but before recycling, they get shipped to some central location, and you have to consider the carbon footprint that comes with all of that transportation. With a little crafty love, you can transform your stash of corks into all manner of fun things, no shipping required!

1. Make stamps! I’ve seen stamps carved out of cork, but these wine cork stamps from Michele Made Me use foam that you glue to the bottom. You could use recycled felt in place of the foam to green up this project even more!

2. Plant markers. Have you started planning your spring garden? You can whip up a simple batch of cork plant markers, so you’ll know what’s planted where.

3. Make a wreath. Cathie Filian shows you how to turn a big batch of corks into an upcycled wreath! Her tute calls for paper plates, but I bet that you can use reclaimed cardboard instead. You could also use paints you have on hand instead of buying special ones for this project.

4. Coasters. Rhonda at Dollar Store Crafts shows you how to turn your corks into coasters! If you used larger cork circles for the bottom of this project, you could make a trivet instead of a coaster.

5. Stitch up a trivet. I am loving these hand-stitched trivets from sliced corks over at Design Sponge.

6. Create a cork board. Use a wooden frame and some glue to make a cork board out of your old wine corks.

7. Cork mice. How sweet are these upcycled cork mice from All Together?

8. Another trivet. There’s something about corks that makes you want to make trivets. I like this different take from Home Re-Design Kaliedescope. Is uses a zip tie! Genius!

9. Pirate ships. Mini wine cork pirate ships can fancy up a place setting or would look super adorable up on a shelf!

10. Make a necklace. Brass Paper Clip shows off a necklace made from sliced corks. I couldn’t find her tutorial, but you could use a large needle to very gently pierce the corks and string them together with jump rings. Easy peasy! I love how she used the stained bits to add a splash of color.

Do any of these wine cork crafts stimulate any new ideas? Whether you create one of the above crafts or design your own, the fun derived from building something beautiful will definitely prove to be satisfying. Wine cork projects are especially enjoyable when you get together with friends and share in the crafting (and you can even get more wine corks ready for use while you work!).

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