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The Luck o’ the Irish (Whiskey)

Fri, Dec 02, 22  |  spirits whisky

Luck-o-the-Irish WhiskeyWill you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with green beer or will you be going the Irish whiskey route? (Or perhaps a little of both is on the horizon?)

Irish whiskey is not just for the Irish, nor is it reserved for St. Paddy’s Day. In fact, the Irish Whiskey Society of America has made it it’s mission to “expand the appreciation and awareness of the full range of Irish whiskey.”

Here at Julio’s Liquors, we have our own Loch & Key Whisk(e)y Society for whiskey lovers of all types, and we carry over 35 varieties of Irish whiskey alone. In fact, Whisky Magazine has named Julio’s the Whisky Retailer of the Year 2013. And in preparation for this weekend’s holiday, we bring you this article of excellent drink options from Yahoo! Voices.

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

R. M. Dubuc

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone feels a little bit Irish. The festive atmosphere of local pubs and bars encourages St. Patrick’s Day fun. From the green beer and corned beef and cabbage to wearing green clothing, St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to celebrate. One of the best ways to celebrate this year is to try some Irish drinks or beers. If you’re tired of simply drinking beer that’s been turned green with food coloring, it may be time to opt for a more Irish drink to try this St. Patrick’s Day.

The following St. Patrick’s Day drinks all make good choices for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, If you choose to throw a St. Patrick’s Day party, stock the bar with all the basic mixers for Irish drinks and keep plenty of Irish inspired beer on hand.

Classic Irish Beers

The best St. Patrick’s day beers will taste like they were poured straight from an Irish pub. Irish beers tend to have uniquely rich flavors, very unlike some of the American light beers. Nothing beats a classic Irish beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Most of the popular Irish beers can be found at the local beer store, generally in bottles.

Guiness is a darker beer and one of the most popular Irish beers to drink on St. Patrick’s Day. Killians Red is another good choice, also fuller flavored and similar to Smithwick’s. Traditional Irish beers like Beamish and Murphy’s are excellent Irish beers for any party. Those who want a non-alcoholic beer on St. Patrick’s Day may want to try O’Douls to celebrate.

Irish Whiskey Drinks

Irish whiskey and beer have long been partners. Adding some Irish Whiskey to the drink menu on St. Patrick’s Day is an easy decision, as no St. Patrick’s Day celebration would be complete without a few Irish Whiskey drinks. The most basic Irish Whiskey drinks can be made by having some mixers and a bottle of good Irish Whiskey on hand. Jameson is one of the most popular, and Bushmill’s is another good option. The Irishman Original Clan Irish Whiskey runs about $30 a bottle for those who want something different.

Irish Whiskey can be made on the rocks, simply pouring about 2 ounces over ice in a highball glass. This is a good sipper drink on St. Patrick’s Day. Irish Whiskey and Coke is also easy to serve. An unusual alternative is the Hot Irish Whiskey, which can be made by adding cloves and lemon to a glass with a few ounces of Irish Whiskey, sugar, and a topper of hot water.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a popular after dinner drink and can be a great addition to any St. Patrick’s Day dinner celebration. After the corned beef and cabbage, make a traditional Irish Coffee. This can be done by combining about 2 ounces of Irish Whiskey and 5 ounces of hot coffee in a heated glass and topping it with heavy cream. A dash of sugar completes the drink.

Irish Shots

No St. Patrick’s Day celebration should be without a few Irish shots. The most daring will enjoy shots straight from the Jameson bottle. The Irish Car Bomb is unique and allows you to make an interesting shot with classic St. Patrick’s Day liquor and beer. An Irish Car Bomb can be created by pouring equal portions of Bailey’s and Irish Whiskey in a shot glass and dropping it in a glass of Guiness. Drink this one like a shot, since the drink will curdle within moments.

Irish Cocktails

You can create your own St. Patrick’s Day cocktails by mixing a few classic combinations and giving them a creative Irish name. There are dozens of drink recipes for St. Patrick’s Day and a creative twist on the name can change an ordinary vodka and orange drink into a more festive Irish Sunrise. Goldslager can become a Pot of Gold shot. If you plan to host a St. Patrick’s Day party, making a unique drink menu with creatively named St. Patrick’s Day drinks can be a fun way to celebrate.

The Irish are very proud of their Irish whiskey, and at Julio’s Liquors, we’re very proud of ours. You can browse our inventory online or visit us in Westborough, Massachusetts to browse our Irish whiskies in person. We not only have a great selection of whiskies, but we also have a full wine shop, beer shop, smoke shop, and an entire aisle dedicated to hot spicy condiments. And for you whiskey lovers, Irish or not, we host our own Whisk(e)y Wednesday – a night of tastings, education and camaraderie.

So, whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur, a newbie to the world of Irish whiskey, or simply like to sip occasionally, we toast you. Sláinte.

What Irish whiskeys have you tried so far? What Irish whiskeys are you planning to try sometime soon? We’d love to hear about your experience.